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SRC to come up with a cogent explanation of what this is all about. Over to you, Stephen!
any part of a title or a composer's name
Variant spelling of title or composer name or

Stephen will no doubt want to refine this explanation as well.

An obvious example of a variant spelling in the title (composer) field is Tchaikovsky. That is now the accepted transliteration of his name from cyrillic, and Kelly spelled it that way about 50 times, but he spelled it ‘Chaikovsky’ about 1500 times.

It was also common to spell any Russian surname that ended ‘ov’ as ‘off’ such as Rachmaninoff for Rachmaninov.
alpha or alpha-numeric prefix alpha suffix matrix number without any prefix, suffix or take #
any part of an Issue number
in Kelly's numeric format: (dd-mm-yy) like 5-1-99
City, Country or Venue name
Kelly file name

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Because Dr. Kelly put composer names in recording titles, there is no separate Composer field to search on; to find works by a composer, put the name in the Title search box. A search by Title or Issue Number will also look in the Other field for matches, unless you un-check this:
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